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Shaping the Future of Ballet One Story at a Time

Welcome to Ballet Journeys! offers Classes, Workshops & Events that Educate, Encourage, and Empower ballet dancers today. We help students (13+) to shape their dream career and professionals to maintain their career. It is an online source of information that will help BALLET dancers to clarify their vision, renew their body with current Dance Science applications, and synthesize future possibilities.

Join us as we listen to the wise words of those who came before you, or to the hopeful words of the trailblazers etching out a new ballet voice - So that you can become clear about how to shape your unique BALLET JOURNEY!

Catrina Choate-Heretoiu

Ballet-Journeys & SomaStudies Founder






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2022 Summer Sundays


With Catrina Choate-Heretoiu

Founder, Ballet Educator

Feldenkrais® Practitioner

Pave the Path for

Future Female Ballet Leaders

Ballet Mentorship Program

My Story, My Movement

The Ballet Mentorship Program 

With Catrina Choate-Heretoiu

Master Somatic Teacher, Ballet Educator, and Writer.

My Story, My Movement is an Online Program for all Ballet Dancers ages 13 & Up.

Dedicated to Help:


It is my mission for every teenage ballet student to know their worth, feel their value, and respect their work so they may enter the dance world in confidence. I want girls to explore creativity so they understand that they can dance but also choreograph, direct, write, and work to uncover their unique artistic authority. I want girls to be comfortable in their own skin so they are comfortable to BE SEEN and BE HEARD. 

Training Program

The Ballet Leadership Program

Emboldens girls to become 

Ballet’s Future Leaders.

The Ballet Leadership Program provides online Masterclasses that can be integrated into ALL BALLET SCHOOLS - Professional or Local.

It allows students to directly learn from current female choreographers, journalists, and leaders in today's Ballet world.

With My Story and The Ballet Leadership Program - I offer students one moment in their already busy lives to be self reflective, non-competitive, and quietly creative because all of this will help them to stand tall, be bold, and strongly state who they are in this world so they can lead their passion into the future. 

Through an Embodied Lense of Learning - young ladies learn how to trust themselves so they will be ready to:

Step Up, Speak Out, Choreograph, and Lead Ballet into the Future

The Goal is to inspire Changemakers, Artists, and Creators while Empowering Girls For Life.

The Ballet Leadership Program is both PRACTICAL and REALISTIC. It utilizes the power of online Masterclasses to gather leading female artists to inspire and educate. Read more about the Program and its supporting data:


Ballet-Journeys Events

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IN-PERSON Training (2022)

Workshops & Seminars


Founder SomaStudies & Ballet Journeys

Ballet Journeys Mission Statement

With Ballet’s embrace of uniformity and conformity it is often easy to forget your unique path. Ballet Journeys is here to remind us that there are multiple ways to enjoy ballet, have a career in ballet, and a healthy relationship with ballet. No two paths are alike and it is important to remember that first and foremost - ballet is a personal practice and a process to be nurtured and cherished. Ballet is a journey and if you’re on it - it is your unique path to shape. 

Catrina Choate-Heretoiu

the BOOK

Ballet Journeys (the book) is a collection of personal stories from ballet professionals around the world.

Each story is revealed in the form of a letter addressed to Ballet which expresses hidden treasures within each person’s intimate relationship with ballet.

No two paths are alike yet every path shares the love and respect for the artform.

By sharing these stories - lessons can be learned, guidance can be given, clarity can be remembered, and love can be experienced.


For some people, ballet is a holistic experience that flows easily with their personal progression, for others it is not so.

Many people have been excluded, degraded, and traumatized by their ballet environment and this is why Ballet Journeys presents stories weighted in experience, endurance, and resilience.  

One person’s story is not everyone’s story, however, we can relate to and learn from each other’s stories which can therefore help to inform our choices and actions.


What is your relationship with ballet?

Not with the ballet world or business, but rather you and ballet - how are you together?

Why do you work hard to perfect technique? What does ballet give you and what do you give to ballet?

So often, people seem to misalign and replace their values of passion, love, and respect for externalized ideas of limited portrayals of ballet.

Although ballet is a presentational artform, I don’t think that your ballet relationship should be externalized. It should never be something for which you pause your self worth. It’s never something you need approval to belong to. Ballet is yours, always. It is a process and it is your practice. Ballet is a way of being with life.  

How can we help?

On a journey, a traveler needs guides, mentors, and friends.

Guest Teaching

Ballet-Journeys welcomes Teachers from the Ballet world to share their experience and knowledge, passing the torch from one generation to another.


Ballet-Journeys will maintain an active and private community for all Ballet dancers and teachers. We will hold a safe space for everyone, and we welcome you with open arms.


Oftentimes we need guidance to better understand what our next step needs to be. Whether a career move, choosing the right School or Style, or even finding a tribe in a new place. Start here.

We’re here to support making your ballet journey a fulfilling and happy part of your life.

Our Growing List of Guests

Meet our Guests, Make New Friends,

Share Your Dreams

Ballet Journeys provides learning and inspiration through conversation, interviews, and physical workshops from some of the world’s leading ballet voices. It is a place to refresh ideas, renew your body, and synthesize future possibilities.  

Catrina Choate-Heretoiu











Our Virtual Journeys

Ballet Journeys Presents:

A Weekend with Gavin LARSEN

Relive our Inaugural Event

Shaping the Future of Ballet

One Story at a Time.

We also have opened a Ballet-Journeys TELEGRAM group for all of us to stay in touch! Join in.

Our Stories.

Ballet is Us. It is the people.

"We make the choices. We choose what to normalize and how to react. We choose to see or to turn away. We choose to speak up or stay silent. We do have a choice to push boundaries or help those who are pushing boundaries. We have a choice to join together, to connect, and to acknowledge each person’s journey."

Catrina Choate-Heretoiu

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