Ballet Journeys - The Book (work in progress)

Ballet Journeys (the book) is a collection of personal stories from ballet professionals around the world. Each story is revealed in the form of a letter addressed to Ballet which expresses hidden treasures within each person’s intimate relationship with ballet. No two paths are alike yet every path shares the love and respect for the artform. By sharing these stories - lessons can be learned, guidance can be given, clarity can be remembered, and love can be experienced. 

The exchange of stories is an age-old tradition and ballet is not excluded from this human need. Take these stories and absorb them, make them your own and let their wisdom guide you while you continue to shape your path.  

How is your journey unfolding? 

I encourage you to write your story - shape it, live it, and love it. Your story is unique and only you can dance it fully. Embrace yourself and your journey!  


Profits of this book will directly fund ballet scholarships to help lower income students attend professional schools. 

Catrina Choate-Heretoiu