Founder, Ballet Journeys

It is important to constantly define why you do ballet. What is your relationship with ballet? Not what you think of how you fit in. What is your relationship with the doing of ballet? Why do you dance? Why do you work hard to perfect technique? What does ballet give you? What do you give to ballet? Ballet should never be externalized. It should never be something you pause your self worth for. It’s never something you need approval to belong to. Ballet is yours, always. Ballet is a process. It is your process. Ballet is a way of being with life.  


"Dance breathes life into life and every child who falls in love with ballet understands this - deep within their body."

Why Ballet Journeys?

With Ballet’s embrace of uniformity and conformity it is often easy to forget your unique path. Ballet Journeys is here to remind you that there are multiple ways to enjoy ballet, have a career in ballet, and a healthy relationship with ballet. No two paths are alike and it is important to remember that first and foremost ballet is a personal practice and a process to be nurtured and cherished. Ballet is a journey and if you’re on it - it is your unique path to shape. 

Ballet is a journey and if you’re on it - it is your unique path to shape.

It’s my mission with Ballet Journeys to share as many different ballet stories as possible to reveal journeys of success, exclusion, recovery, endurance, and resilience. By sharing these stories it is my hope that they will offer learning and inspiration to current people in ballet to etch out their own path and embrace their unique journey.