"For some people, ballet is a holistic experience that flows easily with their personal progression, for others it is not so. Many people have been excluded, degraded, and traumatized by their ballet environment and this is why Ballet Journeys presents stories weighted in experience, endurance, and resilience.  

One person’s story is not everyone’s story, however, we can relate to and learn from each other’s stories which can therefore help to inform our choices and actions. Two people can attend the same school or work for the same company and have wildly different experiences but even so - how do we support each other?

I believe that in order for humanity to coexist with the artform there must be an acknowledgment of the human journey within the ballet journey. 

Ballet is Us. It is the people. We make the choices. We choose what to normalize and how to react. We choose to see or to turn away. We choose to speak up or stay silent. We do have a choice to push boundaries or help those who are pushing boundaries. We have a choice to join together, to connect, and to acknowledge each person’s journey.

This gathering of journeys starts with the seed of ballet - passion! The only reason why people begin their ballet journey is because it feels good to dance and twirl and leap and fly. Dance breathes life into life and every child who falls in love with ballet understands this deep within their body."

Catrina Choate-Heretoiu